Tuesday, 26 September 2023
TechViral on TikTok, Mother Gets Mom Shamed Because She Doesn't Hit Her...

Viral on TikTok, Mother Gets Mom Shamed Because She Doesn’t Hit Her Child


A mother got hit bully on social media, precisely because he didn’t hit his child who peed his pants. Also an explanation video viral on TikTok. She is Kelsie, as her name is known. Kelsie has a child who is currently three years old.

According to the story, Kelsie often gets nicknames from people who see the way she educates children. Not a few people call him ‘stupid’.

“I got mom-shamed today because gentle parenting. “My son peed in his pants and threw food on the carpet,” he said on TikTok.

“Someone told me he would spank my son — but that’s not my way. They said I was a bad, selfish mother for not punishing him,” she continued.

According to the NY Post, Monday (9/11/2023) Kelsie said that her child had just turned three years old. Therefore, he is still a child who needs to be guided and taught by parents.

“When he has an accident, I tell him, ‘Hey, it’s okay, mistakes happen, but next time can you tell Mom when you have to pee?'” he said.

Regarding the food spread on the carpet, Kelsie said she asked her child to take the food and throw it in the trash. Of course the child cried at first, but he asked the child to sit down and talk to him after he stopped crying.

A minute later, the child stopped crying. He came over to Kelsie and sat on her lap. They also talked about why we shouldn’t litter on the carpet, respect other people’s things, and why we should listen to what our parents say.

“Well, guess what? (On another occasion) My son threw a chip on the ground and walked over to it to crush it, but then stopped and picked it up and threw it in the trash,” Kelsie said.

“We don’t need to beat our children to teach them a lesson. Children deserve respect. They don’t know what is good or bad. It is our duty to teach them. As your parents said, treat others as you would like them to treat you,” he said.

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