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TechViral Photo of Men Dueling & Eating Pizza with Alligators, Shocking Facts

Viral Photo of Men Dueling & Eating Pizza with Alligators, Shocking Facts


Not long ago a photo went viral of a large man fighting with an alligator. He only wore khakis and karate shoes when facing the herd of reptiles.

The man was seen kicking the alligator in the face while it was in the swamp. But what is more interesting is the photo of him enjoying himself eating pizza and then being approached by an alligator again.

A duel over pizza ensued. The alligator was seen managing to brush the pizza, while the dark-skinned man slipped into the water.



Many believe that the photo is real, aka genuine, not staged. But surprisingly all the photos are made by AI.

The photo was displayed on the Uncle Mike’s Photography Facebook account. The account, which has 31 thousand followers, often posts AI-processed images.

The man vs alligator image went viral when an account called Fights n’ Stuff reposted it with the caption: “A story”. Many users are fooled into thinking Uncle Mike’s Photography’s AI images are real.

But there are also some who know the photo is fake. Apart from there being no ripples in the water, the man’s appearance always changes in each picture and there are floating objects making it less realistic.

They believe Uncle Mike’s Photography photos were created using DALL-E 3. This is a platform where users can create images based on text commands.

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