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EntertainmentVirgoun will accompany this witness in the next divorce trial

Virgoun will accompany this witness in the next divorce trial


The divorce trial between Virgoun and Inara Rusli was held again at the West Jakarta Religious Court. Both of them were not present and were only represented by their legal representatives.

Today’s agenda is the submission of written evidence from Virgoun and 15 pieces of evidence have been submitted to the Panel of Judges.

“So today the agenda for the hearing is presenting the defendant’s evidence from Virgoun. We have presented evidence of at least 15 written evidence and earlier the written evidence was submitted,” said Wijayono Hadi Sukrisno, lawyer for Virgoun, when met at the West Jakarta Religious Court, Wednesday ( 30/8/2023).

“Such as marriage certificates, birth certificates, evidence related to marriage and divorce issues,” he continued.

At the next trial, Virgoun was asked to bring witnesses who knew about his domestic problems. His party has prepared a number of people from family and friends who are ready to be witnesses.

“Earlier it was reported that witnesses from Virgoun’s family, friends and friends knew about the incident regarding Virgoun’s household,” said Wijayono Hadi Sukrisno.

“What is clear, we have witnesses of three or four people who really know this incident either from the family or outside,” he continued.

It is not certain how many people will be witnesses and it is likely that these witnesses will be accompanied by Virgoun in giving their testimony.

“We don’t know who Virgoun will bring, we don’t know for sure whether he will be present at the next hearing on 6 (September),” he concluded.

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