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IndiaVirtual Rape Case : Shocking! Gang rape of minor girl in...

Virtual Rape Case : Shocking! Gang rape of minor girl in ‘Metaverse’, crime filed | leader

Leaders Online Desk: The first and shocking case of gang rape has come to light in the world of virtual reality. The incident of a 16-year-old girl being ‘sexually assaulted’ in the online ‘metaverse’ has shocked everyone. British police are investigating the matter. Interestingly, this type of crime is going to be investigated by the police for the first time.

According to a report by ‘The New York’, the girl’s digital character is said to have been gang-raped online by strangers. The victim girl is disturbed by this incident. .

Emotional and mental trauma on the victim woman

According to the case report, the girl (ie her digital avatar) was wearing a virtual reality headset in an immersive game. This time she was gang-raped by a group of men. Although the victim was not physically harmed in the case, investigating officials have said that any woman who is raped in the “real world” suffers emotional and psychological trauma. She has to suffer this mental trouble. It is believed to be the first virtual sex crime investigated by the police.

Many challenges for law enforcement agencies

A senior official familiar with the case told a ‘news outlet’, “The victim girl has suffered mental trauma just like the person who was physically raped. The emotional and psychological impact on the victim lasts longer than any physical injury. These types of cases pose many challenges for the law enforcement agencies as there are no laws framed for it yet.”

What did Meta Company say?

Commenting on the matter, Meta Company said that there have been many cases of virtual sexual crimes in Horizon Worlds. A free VR game service facility operated by Facebook’s parent company Meta is available. A Meta spokesperson said, “The behavior described has no place on our platform, which is why we have automatic protections for all users, called personal boundaries. Restricts such people from engaging in unauthorized behavior with a person. Users can protect themselves by using such safeguards.”

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