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EntertainmentWaiting for the good intentions of Ahessa's words to pay off IDR...

Waiting for the good intentions of Ahessa’s words to pay off IDR 396 million to Wulan Guritno


Ahessa’s words have become a topic of conversation again after breaking up with Wulan Guritno. Not good news, but there is a civil lawsuit filed by artist Wulan Guritno in court

The mother of two children filed a civil lawsuit with case number 5/Pdt.GS/2024/PN JKT.SEL. In the lawsuit, it appears that there is a fee of IDR 396,150,000 that Wulan Guritno gave to Sabda Ahessa as bailout funds for house renovations.

Since mid-2023, Wulan Guritno has requested this several times but there is always no clarity from Sabda Ahesa.



To detikcom, Wulan Guritno’s attorney, Ficky ​​Fernando, said that his client had actually opened the door to peace.

They filed a civil lawsuit with the aim of getting Sabda Ahessa to pay the bailout funds borrowed from Wulan Guritno.

“Yes. We are taking legal action for this lawsuit to be paid, not to prolong this,” said Ficky ​​Fernando in a telephone connection, yesterday.

They hope that Ahessa’s Word will provide clarity. Since being billed in mid-2023, Wulan Guritno has always followed Sabda Ahessa’s request to give her time according to her wishes.

“Just for legal certainty, we want to know when we want to be paid. So that it’s not vague, if there is a legal provision, it’s clear. We also want certainty from the Word of what it really is, whether we want to pay or not. Or if we want to pay, we’ll pay when. What’s clear is “Just be clear. There are consequences, just be sure. Don’t be sure he wants to pay, he doesn’t know when he will pay,” explained attorney Wulan Guritno.

Ficky ​​Fernando said that Sabda Ahessa should have known the risks of his actions. When billing has been carried out by a lawyer, there will definitely be a legal process taken.

“Essentially, we have charged according to the time period that Sabda has committed to, Sabda wanted this month to be okay, we withdrew, there was no news, suddenly it was postponed again because there was no clarity on the settlement,” said Ficky ​​Fernando.

Apart from the bailout funds, Wulan Guritno also asked for compensation of IDR 100 million. There is also a lawsuit regarding forced money of Rp. 10 million per day if there is a delay in payment.

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