Tuesday, 17 May 2022
WorldWar in Ukraine: Controversy over the use of the word "genocide"

War in Ukraine: Controversy over the use of the word “genocide”

AA / Nice / Feïza Ben Mohamed

Even as the French President, Emmanuel Macron, refuses to use the term “genocide” to qualify for the events at stake in Ukraine, he was invited to take his place by his counterpart Volodymyr Zelensky, who tried to kill him. .

“The motive for the genocide must be qualified by lawyers, not by politics,” he said on April 14, the head of the State on the antenna of France Bleu Normandie.

He also insisted on the fact that “states that consider that they are genocide, should (intervene) intervene”, ensuring that “it does not fit” that “it is those who are genocidal” ».

Emmanuel Macron assured, by others, that “there is no way for Ukraine to enter into a verbal escalation (…) and then into a situation where the words do not come more than sense.”

A post that immediately resonated with the Turkish ambassador to France, Ismaïl Hakki Musa, who responded on Twitter.

“This is what Turkey says when it comes to decapitations,” he said, alluding to the Armenian question, which we do not want to be an “exception” in the use of words.

Noted that the term “genocide” was used by US President Joe Biden, as well as by Canada, to qualify Russian military operation in Ukraine.

The International Criminal Court’s survey counts as many as one of the qualifications for “war crimes”.

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