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What did Alec Musser, actor of ‘They’re Like Children’, die of at age 50?

Even though Paige Press, Alec Musser’s fiancee, He assured that he would not talk about the death of who would be her husband, the authorities of San Diego, United States, gave some details of the cause of death of the actor.

On January 14, through his Instagram accountPress reported the death of Alec Musser at the age of 50, who was known in the entertainment industry for his participation in the film They are like children (2010).

“RIP to the love of my life. Alec Musser, I will never stop loving you”, wrote Alec Musser’s fiancée; However, she did not explain the cause of the actor’s death. and assured TMZ I wouldn’t say more about it.

The actor did not have any apparent health problems and his last publication on social networks was on January 9. surfing on the beach.

What happened to Alec Musser?

According to members of the San Diego County Medical Examiner’s Office, who approached TMZ to talk about the case, Musser was found dead in his home in Del Mar, California, by his fiancée.

After finding Musser, Paige called authorities and medical specialists, who discovered that the actor’s death was caused by a gunshot self-inflicted gunshot wound coming from a weapon that was near the scene.

That is why San Diego authorities confirmed to TMZ that Alec Musser’s death is being considered a suicide.

Who was Alec Musser?

Alec Musser was a bodybuilder and actor originally from New York, United States, who He only has credits in six productionsbut, is remembered by fans of They are like children for playing the ‘boy from Sascatchatoon’.

Musser also participated in series such as All My Childrenbetween 2005 and 2007, Rita Rocks (2009), Desperate Housewives, among others. Also He was a model in exercise magazines as Exercise Health and Men’s Health, Men’s Workout.

After his participation in They are like childrenAlec Musser stayed away from the entertainment industry, but was active on social media where he showed off his trips, visits to the beach and his recent engagement with Paige Press.

“The day we got engaged It was the happiest of my life“Paige wrote in one of the Instagram stories in which she remembered the deceased actor.

What celebrities reacted to the death of Alec Musser?

After announcing his death, Adam Sandler, one of the protagonists of They are like childrenreacted to the news with the following publication on their social networks:

“I loved this guy. I can not believe he is gone. A wonderful, funny and good man. Thinking of Alec Musser and his family and sending all my love. A truly great love of person.”

Musser’s fiancee thanked Sandler for his farewell message and assured that his partner fondly remembered his time on the set of They are like children.

Likewise, a day after the announcement, Salma Hayek shared on her Instagram account a clip of Musser’s scene in They are like children and He regretted the event.

“He was so friendly, professional and absolutely hilarious. His early departure breaks my heart. I feel blessed to have known him” Hayek’s statement read before offering her condolences to Alec’s loved ones.

In addition to Alec Musser, other members of the cast of They are like children have passed away in recent years, such as Cameron Boyce, who was known for his roles in series of Disney Channel.

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