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What happened to the protagonists of the soap opera ‘Nothing Personal’?

A song by Armando Manzanero started the Mexican soap opera Nothing personal in 1996 that premiered on TV Azteca screens under the production of Alberto Barrera Tyszka. Starring Ana Colchero, José Ángel Llamas, Demián Bichir and Rogelio Guerra as the antagonist, it was a success for television in the nineties.

The project was not spared controversy when, near the end of filming, the actress who played the main character, Camila de los Reyes, left unexpectedly and was replaced by Christianne Gout.

What is Nothing Personal about?

The plot of the melodrama, which finished airing in December 1996, begins with Camila, the eldest daughter of a murdered politician, who survives an attack by hiding. Soon a journalist finds her and takes her to the hospital, so she saves her life and a bond is born between them.

Her half-brother is assigned to the case, but after falling in love with her he tries to find evidence to exonerate her because it is believed that she is involved in drug trafficking. We tell you what happened to the actors, some of them away from the screens.

Ana Colchero

Colchero’s departure from the soap opera was after Sue to TV Azteca for breach of contract, which he won after being given the reason that the story was changed without his consent

Although he went to Televisa and was part of plays such as Miss Julia either Don Juan Tenorio and movies like The devil’s swing and harassedis currently dedicated to writing by publishing several novels, the first of them called between two firesin 2006.

Jose Angel Flames

The gallant was hired in Too much heart, Temptations and theater like Bourgeois lady wants young boyfor which he also stood out on networks such as Telemundo and Caracol.

However, he decided backing out of the industry in 2009, when he dedicated himself to an evangelical church, a religion he practices with his wife.


Demián Bichir

One of the most important performances of the one who expanded his career in Hollywood was A Better Lifewith which it was Oscar nominee as best Actor.

Other of his titles include series like Cappadocia, Hidalgo: the untold story or theatrical stages with swimming with sharks. His career has continued further in film with Alien: Covenant, The Nun either Godzilla vs. Kong.


Rogelio Guerra

The actor Rogelio Guerra died in February 2018 and left behind soap operas such as Tomorrow is forever, The successful Pérez, Bravado love, What a beautiful love and Low blow.

Like his colleague Colchero, at one point in his career he filed a lawsuit against the company, who countersued him and lost. Among her arguments for breach of contract she stated that she did not carry out the projects she was promised.

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