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WorldWhat happens if I take ginger with garlic on an empty stomach?

What happens if I take ginger with garlic on an empty stomach?

Ginger appears equally in cookie recipes as in home remedies that promise all kinds of benefits, the same happens with garlic, so it is not surprising that they exist concoctions that combine them.

Ginger with lemon, cinnamon, turmeric or honey; garlic with olive oil, lemon or honey, make up a whole universe of popular recommendations that people ingest on an empty stomach or before going to sleep, although in several cases, these mixtures do not act as people expect.

As he Ginger and garlic are two healthy ingredientsbut do you get super benefits by mixing them?

What is the use of taking ginger with garlic?

In the vastness of the Internet and homemade suggestions we find promises of positive effects of ingesting a ginger infusion with garlic: reduce LDL (‘bad’) cholesterol, reduce inflammation in the body, lose weight or as a powerful anti-flu. We tell you what is known from science.

Separately they have been investigated for years: it is known that many of the positive effects on the body of ginger come from gingerola compound with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects.

Meanwhile he garlic, particularly raw, It is recognized for its healthy compounds thanks to the allicin, which is only briefly when it is fresh, after being cut or crushed, since it decreases during the cooking process. This element helps the immune system and is anti-inflammatory, among others.

In accordance with Healthline“combine garlic and ginger also may have beneficial health effects”.


To reduce inflammation

Healthline describes that Garlic and ginger have powerful plant compounds that have this effect against inflammation, a response of the body that if it becomes chronic can be related to heart disease and cancer.

Nevertheless, it is not known if they can have a more powerful anti-inflammatory effect when combinedit is only a possibility pending confirmation: “it is likely that the joint use of garlic and ginger can help reduce inflammation markers,” adds said health site.


It has been found in various studies in humans and rodents that Garlic and ginger can help reduce oxidative stressresponsible for cellular damage, says Healthline, in addition to helping to boost antioxidant defenses.

For this reason, there is evidence suggesting that integrating them into your daily diet would be able to protect against some types of cancer.


Supports the immune system

The anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antiviral and antimicrobial properties of garlic and ginger are useful in promoting the immune system, although more research is required. Hence, an infusion of both is usually consumed to combat striated.

It should be noted that it is in the allicin from raw garlic It is what helps strengthen the immune system, so if it goes through a cooking process in an infusion you will not see this effect as much.

Protect the brain

Eating garlic daily could help protect the cognitive declinesays Healthlinesince research has found that it is beneficial for memory; Ginger has also been linked to improved cognitive performance and decreased brain damage.

However, garlic has been studied separately from ginger and in supplement or powder form, plus some research is on animals, so it is necessary to investigate more to verify this combined effect.


Protect the heart

Both ingredients have been linked to heart benefits by helping to regulate blood pressure, high cholesterol and control blood sugar levels.

Nevertheless, neither garlic nor ginger replace medications for those ailments; while consuming these foods as part of a balanced diet may have some effect together, there is no evidence that mixing them together is more beneficial.

Regulate blood sugar

Individual studies of these foods have seen favorable impacts on blood sugar levels, so they can be part of the diet of people with diabetes, although research has focused on supplements.


How do you consume ginger with garlic?

Between the home remediesthe most popular form is a infusion mode, as you would make any tea: boil water, add ginger root and minced garlic, let steep. Sometimes a little lemon and honey are added.

However, remember that there is not enough evidence that this is the best way to consume both ingredients to take advantage of their benefits, since much of the research has studied their effects separately and focuses on supplementsnot for use in the kitchen.

Besides that take it every day on an empty stomach It will not replace a whole healthy lifestyle such as a good balanced diet and exercise, in addition, drinking it daily can cause side effectsso if you are going to drink this drink, it is suggested to moderate your consumption.

There are other ways you can incorporate them into your diet, from dishes like stir-fries and soups.

Cleveland Clinic does not recommend eating too much garlicsince it could cause inconvenience bad body odor and bad breath, upset stomach or diarrhea, bloating, not recommended for people with gastroesophageal reflux, as it can cause heartburn and irritate the digestive tract; It can also increase the risk of bleeding because it prevents blood clots from forming.

Eating too much ginger can also cause damage to blood clottingincrease the production of stomach acid or interact with some medications.

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