Thursday, 28 September 2023
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What has been seen at the Guillena Fair receives a flood of ‘likes’

This Sunday, rain fell heavily in many areas of Spain, including Seville, due to the passage of a DANA. Since early this morning, more than 220 incidents have been recorded due to the storm in the province, which remains under a yellow warning due to heavy rains and storms.

One of the affected areas has been Guillena, where several streets of the fair have been flooded. In the last few hours, a video of what a local resident did when he saw the amount of water has been spread on social networks.

The images, captured by the people sheltered from the rain in the huts, show a person navigating between the huts with a canoe while the people trapped by the rain shouted and cheered.

This is how he has shown it the Twitter account @MeteoGerenawho has published two videos with the facts and already accumulates more than 1,800 I like. “I see a lot of art. You always have to look for the good side of things,” she wrote alongside the images.

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