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What is the Dark Web? Definition, Functions, and Dangers of Accessing It


When surfing the internet, we can freely search for anything that interests us. But there are some sites that are usually not accessible in general. The site may contain sadistic content, illegal trade or pornography.

Sites that cannot be accessed can actually still be accessed, but not with the internet search engines that we generally use. Some of us used to call it dark web.

Because access is quite difficult and seems mysterious to ordinary people, the dark web really attracts the attention of many internet users. Various conversations about the dark web often arise when we surf social media.

So, what is the true meaning of the dark web? Following are the definitions, functions and dangers of accessing the dark web.

Definition of the Dark Web

In fact, the dark web is an internet network that contains several websites, this is similar to the conventional search sites that we know today. The difference is, the dark web cannot be accessed carelessly because it requires a certain way to access it.

This is because the dark web contains various sites that are deliberately hidden from the general public. Usually, the way to access the dark web is to hide the accessor’s IP (Internet Protocol) address from internet search logs.

We can download The Onion Router(TOR) to access it. On the dark web, we can access important data from all over the world. Usually, the data is traded. Starting from passports to identity cards, everything is here.

The existence of buying and selling activities of illegal and dangerous commodities is the main reason why the dark web seems mysterious.

Dark Web Functions

Previously, we understood the dark web as an internet space that can only be accessed by people who hide their IP address to dive into the dark web.

It is this hidden IP address of the user that attracts many parties to use it. This is because the identities of dark web users are highly protected. On the dark web there is no identity like a Google Account and so on. All users are registered as anonymous.

This is the function of the dark web that most people take advantage of. Many people use this anonymity to protect their jobs, investigate crimes and even thwart acts of terrorism.

Even so, with this anonymity, the dark web becomes a lawless free space that triggers crime.

If we want to do research about something that is dangerous, exclusive and closed from public internet access, maybe the dark web can be the choice.

The Dangers of Accessing the Dark Web

As previously said, the dark web is a free space without law, so accessing the dark web certainly has harmful effects on its users. Especially new users who are new to the dark web.

That way, we can easily become targets of evil on the dark web. Starting from viruses on the devices we use to hacking devices that can reveal all dark web user information.

Even though on the dark web we can only meet various anonymous identities, the existing security system is not as strong as the internet security system that we are used to in general.

Lots of hackers take advantage of these loopholes to commit crimes, especially dark web users who do not have a strong and adequate security system when accessing the dark web.

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