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What is the effect of rosemary tea on the kidneys?

When you enter the kitchen to look for tea, a parade of herbs such as chamomile, peppermint, mint or cinnamon may pass through your mind, but rosemary infusion is less common.

Rosemary is not always sought after in drinks, but like other spices such as cloves, bay leaves, thyme and turmeric, it goes equally from the stew pot to the tea pot due to the benefits it promises to various parts of the body, such as the liver or the kidneys.

If you navigate those Internet waters, full of home remedies, perhaps at some point you will come across a rosemary drink, which is healthy, but does it really do everything it promises?

What is rosemary good for?

In principle, rosemary is a Mediterranean aromatic plantexplains the Encyclopedic Dictionary of Mexican Gastronomyand it is a laminaceae, that is, from the same family as mint, oregano and basil.

“These leaves have a very intense flavor and strong smell and aromatic. Very little is needed to flavor a marinade, a ragù, a piece of game or a barbecue,” adds the cooking site.

This ingredient It is also prepared as an infusionwhich has a pleasant flavor and aroma, but is also part of various home remedies.


The UNAM Digital Library of Traditional Mexican Medicine points out, for example, that it is usually drunk for various ailments such as:

While rosemary has been found to have beneficial compounds over time, with antispasmodic activity and probably liver protectorTo date, this plant does not cure any disease or replace any medical treatment.

Among other potential benefits, Healthline mentions that rosemary tea could:

  • Help reduce elevated blood sugar levels.
  • Benefit the heart.
  • Promote digestion.

What does rosemary do to the kidneys?

Popular belief suggests that rosemary tea is capable of detoxifying your kidneys and improving their functioning due to its diuretic effect and by reducing the risk of kidney stones.

But before you run to drink your tea from this infusion, we will tell you how much has it been tested In fact.

Healthy for the kidneys

According to specialists from the National Kidney Foundation, spices and herbs have been used to improve flavor for decades and now it is known that also help improve our health because they are rich in healthy compounds.

Herbs like rosemary They give flavor to foods without adding salt (excess of which affects the kidneys) and can be taken in infusions:

“It’s easier to cut back on sugar, salt and fat when you have tasty substitutes that are also kidney-friendly. This way, you won’t have the feeling that something is missing.”


National Kidney Foundation adds that rosemary is part of plants suitable for people in all stages of kidney disease (failure, hemodialysis, dialysis, kidney stones), but you have to be careful because some infusions can interfere with medications that treat them.

Possible diuretic effect

According to Healthlinerosemary tea could have effects such as increase urinationso it could interact with diuretic medications that also seek to increase urination:

“As with many other herbs, some people should use caution when consuming rosemary tea due to its possible interactions with other medications.”

Help against kidney damage?

For now there is only preliminary studies on the matterFor example, a study on diabetic rats published in the scientific journal Cureus (2023) evaluated the effects of rosemary essential oil and concluded that it could have nephroprotective effectsthat is, protect kidney function and prevent the progression of chronic kidney disease.

This is because this oil has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, among others; However, that research did not analyze the tea and they are needed human studies.


Does not detoxify the kidneys

As well as rosemary infusion, there are many drinks that promise to detoxify your kidneys, that is, ‘cleanse’ them of toxins, however, the Mayo Clinic highlights that they rarely work and are also unnecessary.

“Your body is an expert at getting rid of toxins, no matter what you eat. Toxins do not accumulate in your liverkidneys or any other part of your body, and you’re not going to get rid of them with the latest detox wonder,” he says Web MD.

The kidneys are organs the size of a fist, when they are healthy they are capable of filtering about half a cup of blood per minuteexplains the National Institutes of Health (NIH), thereby eliminating waste and excess water (generating urine).


Does it prevent kidney stones?

Yes but no. A adequate intake of healthy fluids It is an important factor in keeping the body hydrated and thus keeping the organs functioning.

Rosemary tea can be part of this because it is a healthy drink and, while it does not replace water, it can encourage you to drink more fluids if you find it difficult to drink something tasteless.

However, rosemary has not been linked to elimination or prevention of the famous ‘stones’ or stoneswhich are caused by bad habits such as drinking too much soda and not enough water.

In any case, there are other drinks with a closer relationship for this purpose, for example, water with lemon, since it has citrate, a compound that could dissolve small stones.


Rich in antioxidants

According to an article by Antioxidants (2023) rosemary “has been widely used in popular medicine and cosmetics. Several beneficial effects of rosemary have been described, including antimicrobial and antioxidant activities”.

These antioxidant compounds could benefit overall health, even in a way indirect to the kidneyssince according to Healthline:

“They help protect the body from oxidative damage and inflammation, which can lead to chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease and type 2 diabetes.” Several of them are associated with kidney damage.


Side Effects: Rosemary Tea Precautions

This is a healthy drink and considered safe in most cases, just be careful with high doses due to the following contraindications

  • It could interact with medications: anticoagulants, for high blood pressure and diuretics.
  • Possible allergic reactions.
  • Vomiting.
  • Medical News Today suggests avoiding large doses of rosemary (especially supplements) during pregnancy due to the possibility of causing abortions.

How to make rosemary tea?

Rosemary tea makes like any other infusiona teaspoon of dried or fresh leaves are added to a container with boiling water (300 milliliters).

After letting it rest, it is strained and served hot or cold. It is recommended to sweeten with honey instead of sugar, you can mix it with cinnamon or ginger.

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