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What is the most important municipality in Jalisco?

Owner of the name of the capital that gives rise to the Metropolitan Area, and being the capital of the State, Guadalajara It is the most important municipality of Jalisco.

The name of the city, one of the most important in Mexico for its industry and commerce, It comes from the Arabic “Wad-al-Hidjara”, which means “River that runs between stones” or “Stony River”.

Guadalajara is located in the Central region, and is bordered by Ixtlahuacán del Río, Zapotlanejo, Tonalá, Zapopan and Tlaquepaque.

It’s one of the municipalities smallest in the state, but it is the second most populous. According to the report “Guadalajara. Diagnosis of the Municipality” presented in August 2022 by the Jalisco Institute of Information, Statistics and Geography (IIEG), has a total population of 1 million 385 thousand 629 inhabitants, distributed in its 150.36 square kilometers.

Brief history of Guadalajara, the most important municipality of Jalisco

According to History studies, Guadalajara was founded three times, before reaching its current location. First in Zacatecas; later it moved to Tonalá; In 1535 it went to Tlacotán, but being constantly attacked by indigenous groups, it had to change its settlement again. In the end, on February 14, 1542, a group of peninsulars moved to the fourth and last area where Guadalajara would be located, near the San Juan de Dios river, just behind where the Degollado Theater is located today.

What is Guadalajara like?

According to him IIEGMost of the municipality has a semi-warm semi-humid climate, with a rainy summer and a not-so-cold winter.

94% of the municipal area is inhabited, and only 4.2% corresponds to vegetation. The municipality has 5 protected natural areas, which are the Santiago and Verde River Ravines, the Colomos-La Campana Forest, the “González Gallo” Park, and the Agua Azul Park Population Center Ecological Preservation Zone. Two rivers, the Santiago and the Verde, cross the municipality in its northern part.

Regarding the economy, according to the National Statistical Directory of Economic Units (Denue) of the Inegi, in Guadalajara there were 99 thousand 726 economic units until the month of May 2022 and its distribution by sectors reveals a predominance of establishments dedicated to the commerce sector, these being 44.51% of the total in the municipality. The IIEG says that because of this, It is located in position 1 of the total companies established in Jalisco and the number 1 place in the regional ranking.

The textile, metalworking, food, furniture and footwear manufacturing industries are the main ones.

In Guadalajara there are also artisans. The IIEG says that there are 718 in the municipality, of which 112, equivalent to 15.6%, are dedicated to metalwork, and the rest to other types of crafts such as indigenous art, textiles, saddlery, among others.

The official page of Jalisco Government indicates that in the city they are provided all kinds of services, from financial, to professional, technical, community, social, personal, maintenance and tourism. In terms of culture, recreation and sports, the municipality has a great infrastructure that includes museums, art galleries, theaters, libraries, cinemas, restaurants, nightclubs and bars, shopping malls, gardens, parks, as well as cultural centers, stadiums, sports units, and a bullring.

The commerce is supplied, says the same official page, by 91 municipal markets, 2 food markets, 134 tianguis, and more than 8 thousand grocery stores; Guadalajara is the provider of nearby towns and even the most distant.

Art in Guadalajara

Among the architectural monuments that can be visited are the Cathedral, in the Historic Center; the Cabañas Museum; the Government Palace; the expiatory temple; the Chapel of Aranzazú; the Minerva roundabout; the arches; the Santa Monica temple; the Sanctuary of Guadalupe; the former convent of Carmen; the temple of San Juan de Dios; the Degollado Theater; arms square; the Pantheon of Bethlehem; the Roundabout of Illustrious Jaliscienses; and the House of Dogs or the Museum of Journalism.

In literature, names such as José María Vigil, Irineo Paz, José López Portillo y Rojas, Salvador Quevedo y Zubieta, Luis Pérez Verdía, Enrique González Martínez and Francisco Rojas González stand out.

Among the traditional festivals are the celebrations for the foundation of Guadalajara, on February 14; the celebrations for the Independence of Mexico, on September 15; Holy Week and Easter; Christmas; and the pilgrimages for the Virgin of Zapopan. Also, the traditional October Festivities, with a fair throughout the tenth month of the year.



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