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What to do in Guadalajara: Visit one of the loneliest beaches in the state

From time to time there is an impulse that urges the city dweller to see the beach. If you also require silence and few people, this solitary beach is your perfect destination. Located in Jalisco, just over two hours from the center of Puerto Vallarta, Mayto Beach is a semi-virgin secret of the Costalegre area.

The place is so lonely that you won’t find anyone to sell you anything, so If you plan to spend time at the beach, you will need to carry your food and drinks. Always taking into account collecting all the waste you generate, in order to keep this paradise as natural as possible.

The beach is wide and has fine golden sand. The surf depends on the season, but you should be careful with the rocks. Although it may be best to rent a kayak to navigate the nearby mangroves.

You can also make an altruistic visit by helping in the Tortuguero Camp. Since this is a region with so little human traffic, there is a conservation program for sea turtle species that come to lay their eggs in this region. You will have to camp and be patient, but you will be doing your bit for nature.

Playa del Amor is the favorite corner of the few visitors who know this region. It has a private riverside along two hills forming an amazing setting.

Visit this amazing nature destination in Jalisco.

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