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What will happen to the “corcholatas” of Morena and the “taparroscas” of the Broad Front three times in the survey?

Morena and Va por México (PRI-PAN-PRD) are in the last days of their internal processes to define their candidates for the Presidency in 2024and after the surveys, it is expected that some participating officials will return to their positions and others will be temporarily unemployed.

Currently, eight candidates for the Presidency remain standing, six from Morena and allies and another two from Va por México, and it is expected that on Sunday, September 3, the first winning candidate, a representative of the opposition, is revealedwhile on Wednesday the 6th the candidate who will represent the ruling party will be informed.

In Va por México, Senators Xóchitl Gálvez, from the PAN, and Beatriz Paredes, from the PRI, They are the only contenders left in the race. and from which the coordinator of the Broad Front for Mexico will emerge to eventually be the opposition candidate.

In Morena and allies, the internal process is between six officials: Claudia Sheinbaum, who was head of government of Mexico City; Marcelo Ebrard, formerly Secretary of Foreign Relations; Adán Augusto López, former Secretary of the Interior; Gerardo Fernández Noroña, deputy of the PT; Ricardo Monreal, senator and coordinator of the Morena bench in the Senate; and Manuel Velasco, senator for the Green Party.

to some of them their charges await their old charges in case they are not winnerswhile others will be left without a position after having competed for the presidential candidacy and having toured the country in the last two and a half months.

Who does and who cannot return to their position after internal processes?

The public officials who participated in the internal processes, either to seek the coordination of the Defense Committees of the 4T or to coordinate the Broad Front for Mexico, previously resigned from their positions or applied for temporary licenses according to the provisions available to them.

The governors, as well as dependency workers, had to resign their position as a requirement in the case of Morena and allies.

In the case of those who are deputies or senators, their positions cannot be waived, for which they obtained a license in the Legislative Branch to separate from his position for weeks and then return if his candidacy for the Presidency did not materialize.

Who could not return to their previous positions?

  • Claudia Sheinbaum, who resigned from her position as head of government of Mexico City and was replaced by Martí Batres.
  • Marcelo Ebrard, one more than resigned from his post as Foreign Secretary and was replaced by Alicia Bárcena.
  • Adam Augusto Lopez, who left the Ministry of the Interior in the hands of Luisa María Alcalde.

Who would return to their posts?

  • Xóchitl Gálvez, because if he doesn’t win could return to work as a PAN senator.
  • Beatriz Paredes, who I would return as a PRI senator unless of surprise in the opposition process.
  • Gerardo Fernández Noroña, who he would return as a PT deputy.
  • Manuel Velasco, who would rejoin as a senator from the Green Party.
  • Ricardo Monreal, who he would return as a senator from Morena; however, it is possible that it will not have the coordination of the official bench in the Upper House again.

All the legislators who separated from their position temporarily were replaced by their substitutes, and in the case of deputy Santiago Creel, who recently declined in the Va por México process, he will be able to return to his position, but will not be able to have the presidency of the Lower House again.

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