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WorldWhen and what time is the autumn equinox 2023 in Mexico?

When and what time is the autumn equinox 2023 in Mexico?

For many, the autumn It is the best season of the year. It brings with it leaf fall, cool temperatures and a warm color palette in nature and in fashion. For those who are more mystical, this is a season that invites reflection and detachment, letting go and opening up to the new possibilities that it will bring with it. A moment of great power and significance is the autumnal equinox 2023.

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The equinox is the phenomenon in which a change of season takes place, in the case of autumn, the Sun crosses the equator and moves towards the southern hemisphere, marking the start of the season in the northern hemisphere. The special thing about this event is that the days last as long as the night.

When does autumn enter Mexico?

This 2023, autumn in Mexico will enter September. In the early morning of September 22 to 23 at 0:49 a.m. is when autumn will officially begin in the country. and it will last approximately 89 days and 21 days, to later open the way to winter, on December 22.

For astronomy lovers, something fascinating that autumn will bring is one of the most anticipated eclipses of the year: on October 14 there will be a solar eclipse and on the 28th of the same month a lunar eclipse will occur.


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