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When is unemployment collected in September 2023

Hundreds of thousands of Spaniards receive unemployment benefits every month (in fact, there were 840,000 in July, according to data from the Ministry of Labor and Social Economy) and, being unemployed, this benefit is their main source of income. income until they find a new job.

For this reason, for all the beneficiaries of this contributory unemployment benefit, it is important to know when the unemployment money arrives in their accounts, something key to organizing their personal finances, paying bills…

The moment in which the unemployment money reaches the bank accounts of the beneficiaries is, in general, later than in the case of the salary of the workers or the pensions of the pensioners. But it is already very close, at least as far as the month of September is concerned.

The SEPE (State Public Employment Service) explains on its website that “the payment of benefits occurs from the 10th to the 15th of each month“, and that, in summary, “the payment of benefits occurs the 10th day or, if it is a holiday, the next business day of each month“.

This has a reading for the month of September: unemployment will be collected, if there are no unforeseen events, on Monday, September 11. This is because the 10th falls on a weekend (it is Sunday), so the first business day within that range established by the SEPE is the 11th.

When can unemployment be collected before the 10th

However, in case of doubt, it is best to ask the bank where the unemployment payment is domiciled, since some entities are used to paying these amounts ahead of timein advance so that the beneficiary of the benefit can have the money in his account in a way that is more consistent with current expenses.

It all started in the first months of coronavirus pandemicwith the population confined to their homes: at that time The SEPE reached agreements with several banking associations to advance unemployment payment before the 6th of each month.

The excuse for this change was to shield as much as possible the beneficiaries of these benefits, vulnerable people from an economic point of view. However, as the months went by the situation improved, although some banks maintained those payment terms, and from then until then.

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