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Who challenges Claudia?

The biggest challenge that Morena’s future presidential candidate is facing does not come from the competition What could he be doing to you? Opposition Front.

It comes from Morena.

Due to political correctness, Claudia Sheinbaum did not say that Omar García Harfuch He was the aspiring candidate for the CDMX Head of Government that she preferred, but in reality she didn’t need to say it. It was clear.

For a few months this fact had been emerging: if Claudia won the poll, García Harfuch was heading towards the candidacy.

There were two reasons for this. The first was the competitiveness of the former Secretary of Citizen Security. She was the highest among the aspirants and by a wide margin.

It cannot be forgotten that, in 2021, in the elections for federal deputies, Morena obtained fewer votes in Mexico City than the Opposition Front.

And, if they aspired to confirm the victory in 2024, they would have to recover at least part of the lost votes.

It was not about seeking the votes of the traditional electorate of Morena, but to go for those of a segment of the urban middle classes that turned their backs on the party in government in 2021.

And the best qualified for this, without a doubt, is García Harfuch.

The second reason is the “staff of command.”

Even if it was a symbolic act, when AMLO gave Claudia the baton of command he allegedly gave her the right to influence decisively in the definition of candidates for 2024.

It would be naive to think that AMLO would leave all the ground free to Claudia.

But one of those spaces that clearly belonged to Claudia was the definition of the prospectus to CDMX.

The argument that no one defines the candidates, but that it is the polls that ultimately determine the result is naive, since there are mechanisms to decisively influence the result of a Morena poll. And if you don’t believe it, ask Ebrard.

He that AMLO has allowed that a good amount of forces inside Morena has gathered around Clara Brugada without having stopped that process, it is a challenge for Claudia.

We’ll see how far things go.

But this week another hint emerged that there may be a complex relationship.

The resignation of Alejandro Encinas to the Undersecretary of the Interior to join Sheinbaum’s campaign team has important implications.

Few noticed the fact that when declaring Lopez Obrador a few days ago would take charge personally of the investigations of the Ayotzinapa case and pointing out that there was ‘infiltration’ among those who were investigating, was a very hard blow against Encinas, who had already been in personal conflict with the Armed Forces for some time.

AMLO did not have the slightest doubt as to which side to take in this dispute within his government.

That Claudia, at this juncture, has incorporated Encinas into her team is another sample of the difference in criteria between those who have the baton of command today, and those who, with or without a baton, do not want to give up control.

There will be those who say that there is no such independence or difference in criteria, and that proof of this is Claudia’s support for the elimination of the Court’s trusts.

Eye. I am not saying that AMLO and the virtual candidate are at odds. Surely there are more coincidences than discrepancies among them.

But signs have emerged that show difference in criteria and they state that Claudia is not a mere instrument in AMLO’s hands.

The next two weeks will be decisive in knowing the space that Sheinbaum will truly have.

There are some who think that the reason she was chosen is because AMLO is confident in being able to handle her.

I have expressed to him on multiple occasions that history shows us that the attempts that have been made in the past to boss around a president have failed since the end of the ‘maximate’.

This time it will be different?

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