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WorldWho is Yassine Cheuko, Lionel Messi's bodyguard in Miami?

Who is Yassine Cheuko, Lionel Messi’s bodyguard in Miami?

Since Argentine soccer player Lionel Messi arrived in Miami, United States, to play in the MLS, attention has been paid to each of his steps, which are closely followed by the ex-soldier of Muslim descent. Yassine Cheukowho is his bodyguard.

The one born in California is part of the team made up of about 50 people who are in charge of keeping his family made up of his wife Antonela Roccuzzo and their children safe. In the midst of the revolution that his arrival at Inter Miami has generated in the American tournament, Cheuko appears next to him in the dressing rooms, buses and even on the line of the playing field.

Who is the bodyguard Yassine Cheuko?

“The strong man is not the good fighter or the good boxer. The strong man is only the one who knows how to control himself when he is angry,” are the words with which he describes himself on his social networks.

Yassine has increased his followers on Instagram to 175 thousand after images of his work went viral, where he does not allow anyone to touch ‘La Pulga’.

In addition to accompanying him at all times, he has been shown removing his hands from the shoulder of the 2022 World Cup champion in Qatar to anyone who wants to hug him when he agrees to take photos with his fans.

He was also seen in action against the invaders in the stadium who make an attempt to get closer to the striker, who have increased since the former PSG signed a contract with David Beckham’s franchise.

Cheuko was a Navy Seal in the Navy, so he has experience in Afghanistan and Iraq. He has participated in mixed martial arts competitions, although he also specializes in boxing and taekwondo.

Among some of the publications he shares are his training routines where he receives and delivers blows to stay in good physical shape.

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