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WorldWHO: Young people make up 13.5% of the 3 million people who...

WHO: Young people make up 13.5% of the 3 million people who die from alcohol each year.

In the report of the World Health Organization (WHO), “Reducing the harms of alcohol by regulating cross-border marketing and advertising”, the negative effects of alcohol consumption and the global promotion of alcohol products set a bad example were discussed.

In the report, it was reported that around 3 million people worldwide die as a result of alcohol use every year, and alcohol-related deaths constitute 5 percent of the total loss of life in the world.

It was stated that young people also suffer from the deadly effects of alcohol, and 13.5% of annual alcohol-related deaths are among people between the ages of 20 and 39.

It was shared that the spread of digital media facilitated the spread of the promotion of alcohol products to the global arena, and the promotion of alcohol products, especially in major sports events.

It was noted that the promotion of alcohol products in movies also increased, and in this context, branded alcohol products were promoted in half of the 100 most watched films in the USA from 1996 to 2015.

It was noted that alcohol product promotions mostly target young people and alcohol drinkers.

WHO Director-General, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, stating that alcohol is stealing the lives of young individuals, said, “Despite the health risk it carries, the controls on the marketing of alcohol products remain very weak. Tighter control of the marketing of alcohol products can save many lives.” made a statement.

Dag Rekve, Spokesperson of the WHO Alcohol, Drugs and Habitual Behaviors Unit, said, “The spread of the promotion of alcohol products across borders makes it difficult for countries to take control steps in this regard.” defended his view.

Rekve stated that according to the research conducted in 2018, 48 percent of WHO member countries do not have laws to control alcohol product advertisements on the internet, and called for countries to have stricter control.

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