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Wika Salim opens his voice after crying because he is called an artist with minimal work


Not long ago, Wika Salim expressed his heart and cried because he was often insulted by netizens. He is called an artist without work and only sells his body shape.

This in fact made the sworddut hurt and disappointed. He then vented all the problems in his head through social media and that moment went viral.

Met at the Trans TV Building, Jalan Captain P Tendean, South Jakarta, Tuesday (29/8/2023), Wika Salim admitted that at that time his heart was indeed sensitive. That’s why he immediately uploaded himself who was annoyed with the blasphemy of netizens.

“Actually, I don’t understand if it’s mental or what, I also don’t know. But if you say it again, it’s really annoying, it’s really annoying,” said Wika Salim casually.

“Because in fact, negative comments are actually always there. Usually I never respond, it’s just because there are a few people who just read it yesterday and I don’t feel good, so it seems like everything is carried away,” he continued.

In this case, Wika emphasized that she was not anti-criticism. It’s just that some of the comments that he often gets are not only giving constructive criticism and input, but rather ridiculing him with inappropriate language.

At that moment, Wika Salim finally trembled and cried. Wika also admits that usually she doesn’t cry easily when she reads bad comments from many people.

“Actually, it’s like being commented on or criticized, so I’m given input that we’re still reading, okay, I accept it. But if those who have blasphemed are like that, actually yesterday it seemed like it really arrived,” said Wika Salim.

It is known that the bad comments that came to Wika Salim did lead to musical works that he allegedly owned minimally. Usually, Wika Salim often sings other people’s songs when performing at an event.

But for Wika, it is legal if it is done according to the rules. It’s just that in the end he felt hurt by what many people said about him all this time.

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