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EntertainmentWika Shakes, Audience Cheers, WJF 2023 Dancing Ria

Wika Shakes, Audience Cheers, WJF 2023 Dancing Ria


It was already 22.00 WIB when the 2023 West Java Festival (WJF) presented the next performers. The singer who immediately shocked the whole stadium, Wika Salim.

His croak sounded shrill before his own person was seen on stage. His voice, reciting the word that was greeted with joy, was laconic.

Siliwangi Stadium, Sunday (3/9/2023) suddenly like coals doused with gasoline. Turns on again. The weather in Bandung at night, which touched 18 degrees, no longer felt cold.

Every time Wika Salim’s tiny body moved and her hips swayed, the audience cheered. The stands stand throughout the performance.

The choice of the opening song, Rungkad, was followed by Ikan Dalam Kolam, which was no less exciting. Less excited, Show Bojo complete with cendol-dawet interaction was played.

It is true that dangdut always manages to penetrate many social barriers when it is sung. The drums and all swayed.

Lowering the tempo, Wika Salim sang his newest song, Nemen. “It’s quite sad,” said Wika.

“Performing at the West Java Festival is like going home. Lots of friends playing,” he greeted again.

Wika Salim when appearing at WJF 2023. Photo: Rachman Haryanto/detikPhoto

Just this afternoon, veteran musician Doel Sumbang told the viral story of his song Collapse after 27 years of its release. Tonight, Wika Salim validated it by singing his version.

Rutah, a more flirtatious and spoiled version of Wika. The dangdut crooked is supported by swaying hips to the bottom of the stage.

“Have you ever felt that you are so in love with someone that you become blind when you are hurt. This song can represent my feelings at that time when I was at my lowest point,” asked Wika, who was answered with a shout of agreement.

“The lights are darkened, so if someone wants to cry, they can cry,” he continued.

After that, the stadium lights were dimmed. Flash lights turned on 32 thousand spectators. The rest, is magic.

An old song which also belonged to the most famous female soloist of its time, Nike Ardila, was sung. The song titled Life Star still has magical power.

It was proven by the loud singing in the audience. Even though maybe when they were released, or maybe when Nike died, they weren’t even born yet. Even though at the end the song is arranged dangdut, it doesn’t lose its solemnity.

Closing the performance, Wika Salim brought Happy. Once again, the audience was amused.

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