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Woman with a broken leg was abandoned by her son; she said that her mother had died in the jungle

MEXICO CITY (appro) get to Mexico and then to the United States.

The Cuban shared a video where she said she had been abandoned and dying in the jungle for six days. The migrants who found her and helped her reproached her son Lázaro for leaving her to her fate.

Lázaro told his sister Yudith Rojas that Marta was dead.

“She had told me that she had fallen down a ravine, that she had hit her head and that she had been buried on August 15,” he said in a video.

He recounted having organized prayers for his mother’s eternal rest. For this reason, he was surprised by the stained glass video of Marta asking for help.

“Thanks to a coyote I found out the video that she was alive. I cried a lot. My brother had told me that she was dead. It was a lie, she was hurt. He had supposedly gone out to get help, but he never came back. He abandoned her to me, ”he denounced.

Marta was rescued and is being treated at a hospital in Panama. She spoke with her daughter and confessed to her what happened in the jungle.

The Cuban said that Lázaro attacked her when they were trying to cross the Darien Gap.

“He tried to kill me, hang me. Then we fell and he left me alone. He wanted to get rid of me, ”she indicated in a video call, where she showed his wounds on his feet and hands.

Yudith, who lives in Brazil, asked for help to travel to Panama to meet her mother, for which they created a collection on the GoFundMe platform and hope to receive at least $25,000.

Seeing the scandal, Lázaro gave his version of the facts. He told local media that they both fell down by taking the wrong path.

She told América TV Miami that she went through a ravine, the wrong way, and that was when her mother fell and could not hold her carrying her in her arms because she lost her strength.

“When I got downstairs, my mom was unconscious, to me she was dead. For me, those are the effects of death and what I did was leave her next to the river, ”she confessed.

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