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WorldWorkers of the National Monte de Piedad are going on strike; ...

Workers of the National Monte de Piedad are going on strike; there are 300 branches without service

MEXICO CITY (apro).- “After another week of failed negotiations in court,” the Majority Union of the National Monte de Piedad broke out on strike in around 300 branches in the country to demand that their collective bargaining contract be respected.

This Thursday, in its X account, Nacional Monte de Piedad reported that its branches “have an interruption”, however, it informed its clients that they can continue with their payments.

On the same social network, reporter Verónica Bacaz shared a 2:31 minute video in which a woman who identified herself as Leticia Ocampo, a member of the Monte de Piedad Employees and Workers Union, explained that the reason for the strike is because they have not offered a salary increase “for three years.”

He added that the managers do not want to dialogue with the union: “They are reluctant to dialogue because they want to end the collective contract.”

And he emphasized: “They have not respected our contract, we have been putting up with this for three years, they closed 18 branches without taking into account the collective contract that we have, it is already legitimized, they dismissed several colleagues without any justification, several already have their corresponding demands.” .

“But, even so, the administration of Mr. Javier de la Calle is reluctant to dialogue with the Union to reach an agreement,” he said.

The worker announced that the strike will continue until they reach an agreement with the corresponding authorities.

National Monte de Piedad responds

In a statement, Nacional Monte de Piedad detailed that the Majority Union of the institution decided to “break the negotiation and break out the strike scheduled for the first minute of February 15 of this year, after another week of failed negotiations in court.”

He mentioned that, after this, their options are “drastically reduced… which leaves the parties without an agreement and a truncated negotiation, to the detriment of workers who have gone three years without a salary increase.”

The above, he accused, was due to the “intransigence of its leader and the future of the Institution, whose social mission is put at risk.”

Nacional Monte de Piedad commented that despite the fact that “repeated” requests for extensions to the strike were accepted, the union representative acted “to the detriment of his constituents and, by prioritizing his own interests, he refused all this time to carry out the consultation with the workers, ignoring the call of the authorities, including the President of the Republic, to mediation.”

The statement continued: “This situation does nothing but harm Nacional Monte de Piedad. Not only is time still running short, but at this point it is obvious that the union will not give in on its position, nor will it show the mediation agreement to its workers, despite the fact that the Institution accepted and signed it since December of last year.”

He explained that the above puts almost 250 years of legacy and thousands of jobs at risk.

Nacional Monte de Piedad announced that it will maintain communication with customers through its official channels and assured them that “their garments will have total and absolute protection at all times.”

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