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World'World should be ashamed' of Israeli bombing of hospital; In response,...

‘World should be ashamed’ of Israeli bombing of hospital; In response, the UN |

Gaza: The UN has responded to the Israeli attack on the hospital in the southern Gaza city of Khan Yunis. Gemma Connell, the head of the UN Human Rights Agency in Gaza, has responded to the attack on Al-Amal hospital.

Connell said the world should be humbled by the attack by Israel. Five people were killed in the attack. This includes a five-year-old child. The Palestinian Red Crescent hospital was attacked. Gemma Connell said the hospital also had a Red Crescent emblem on its roof.

No child should be killed in war. A child who sought shelter under a humanitarian organization was killed the other day. This is where children live. But no place here is safe for children. Gemma Connell said the world should be ashamed of this.

The number of Palestinian civilians killed in Israeli attacks has risen to 22,185. 57,000 people were injured. In the last 24 hours, Israel launched 15 attacks in Gaza, killing 207 people, the Palestinian Ministry of Health said. 338 people were injured.

According to the Palestinian Ministry of Education, 4,156 students were killed in Gaza alone during the Israeli attack. 381 schools were completely or partially destroyed by Israeli bombs. Meanwhile, 173 soldiers have been killed so far in Hamas’s retaliation against the Israeli army.

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