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IndiaWorld's richest ten 'Kuber' | leader

World’s richest ten ‘Kuber’ | leader

Washington; News Agency: The owner of ‘Tesla’, Alan Musk, has topped the list of 10 richest people in the world. The list of 10 richest billionaires in the world has been published by the magazine ‘Fobs’. The world’s richest billionaires are worth more than the gross national product (GDP) of some countries. He has invested in the fields of technology, industry and finance, and his personality and empire have left an imprint and influence on the world.

Profiles of billionaires

Washington: Forbes magazine has published the list of top 10 richest billionaires in the world. This is a brief introduction of these Laxmidhars. All of them have built their financial empire with immense hard work.

Owner of ‘Tesla’

Elon Musk is the CEO of various companies, and has a large investment in electric car manufacturing company ‘Tesla’ and ‘Space-X’.

Investing in space missions

Bezos has stepped down as CEO of Amazon from July 2021. He is working as the chairman.

Various investments

Buffett topped the list of richest people in the world. He has invested in various sectors including battery manufacturing, restaurant chain etc.

Top from 1995 to 2017

From 1995 to 2017, Bill Gates consistently topped the list of the world’s richest billionaires.

Google search engine

Brin founded the search engine ‘Google’ in 1998. Along with his colleagues, he has held various responsibilities in Google.

Luxury goods and jewellery

Arnault is the chairman of luxury goods company LVMH. The group also made its debut in the jewelery sector

Investment in software

Arison served as CEO of Oracle Firm from 1977 to 2014.

From co-founder to various positions

Page is the co-founder of Google. From 1998 to 2001, he served as the CEO of Google.

Bewitched the world at the age of 19

Zuckerberg is the owner of ‘Meta’. Facebook started in 2004. From the age of 19, he captivated the world of social media.

Investment in basketball

Steve held positions at Microsoft from 2004 to 2014. He completed his education with Gates.

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