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WPL 2024: Women’s Premier League’s first auction sees big bids for ‘these’ five players | leader

Leaders Online Desk: The player auction for Women’s Premier League 2024 will be held today (9th). Many women cricketers from around the world will be participating in the Women’s Premier League. This Women’s Premier League was started last year. This year, for the second auction of the tournament, we will see a tug of war between the teams to buy these legendary women players. On this occasion, let us know about five expensive players in the last auction… (WPL 2024)

1. Memorial Honour

Indian women’s cricket team opener and vice-captain Smriti Mandhana was bought by Royal Challengers Bangalore for Rs 3.4 crore in the previous auction. Many teams were competing to buy Mandhana. However, RCB increased the bid and included Smriti in their team. However, RCB’s performance in the last season was nothing special. (WPL 2024)

2. Ashley Gardner

Australian athlete Ashley Gardner is one of the top all-rounders in the world. Gujarat Giants had taken Ashley Gardner as an experienced player in their batting line-up. She is adept at playing according to the needs of the match. Gardner’s specialty is that she can hit any bowler for fours and sixes at any time. Like Gujarat, other franchises were also eager to include Gardner in their squad. 3.2 crore was bid for her in the previous auction.

3. Net Sewer-Brunt

No one doubts England’s Nate Seaver-Brunt’s ability as an all-rounder. Mumbai needed a good bowling option in the middle order along with a sizzling batting line-up. So he recruited Nate Sewer-Brunt into his team. She was bought by Mumbai for Rs 3.2 crore.

4. Shefali Verma

Shefali Verma is famous as India’s most explosive batsman. Delhi Capitals tried their best to buy him. Delhi bought her for Rs 2.6 crore. Shefali has played many aggressive innings in the last season as well, due to her innings, Delhi reached the final.

5. Jemima Rodriguez

Without Shefali, Delhi needed a reliable batsman in the middle order. Jemima is currently the most successful batsman in the Indian middle order. Along with this, she is also an agile fielder. Delhi Capitals spent Rs 2.2 crore on her batting and fielding.

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