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World"You cannot respond to Hamas with another larger crime"

“You cannot respond to Hamas with another larger crime”

The executive director for Spain of the United Nations Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA), Raquel Martideclared this Friday that “a crime like the one Hamas has committed in Israel cannot be responded to with another crime of greater magnitude.”

Martí, who has been in Llanes, Xixón and Avilés, invited by the association Peace and Solidarity of CCOO of Asturieshas considered that “unfortunately” many of the world leaders are taking an erroneous position that has an impact on Israel do not end the bombings on Loop.

Martí, who spoke at a conference at the San Agustín University Hospital in Avilés, stressed that “an entire society cannot be blamed for what these armed groups have committed.”

Public attending the event.

The president explained that the situation in Gaza, after four months of the Israeli offensive, is “extremely alarming”, because there are one and a half million people based in Rafah, in an area located to the south that borders Egypt, which is being “intensely pumped.”

He has pointed out that the situation of the population is extreme because they have no place to sleep and do not have food, water or medicine, and there are hospitals that are being attacked, within a pattern “that is being repeated in all the health centers of the city.” Stripe”.

The UN has decreed the highest level of famine in Gaza and this means that right now there are half a million people in extreme need, while 2.3 million cannot find food within the country, “because Israel is preventing the entry of sufficient humanitarian aid.” ”.

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