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WorldZelensky Hopes US Gives Security Guarantee As Enjoyed by Israel

Zelensky Hopes US Gives Security Guarantee As Enjoyed by Israel


Ukrainian President Volodymr Zelensky hopes that his country will get security guarantees from the United States (US), similar to what is now enjoyed by Israel. Zelensky also hopes that Washington will provide long-term military assistance to Kyiv as it has provided Tel Aviv.

As reported CNNTuesday (29/8/2023), this hope was conveyed by Zelensky in an interview with local Ukrainian media, where he also stated that the security guarantee should include ‘shields and swords’.

Such security guarantees, said Zelensky, would be obtained through the process of joining Ukraine with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) alliance later. However, continued Zelensky, the security guarantee will be strengthened through a bilateral agreement with the US.

“We will probably have a similar model to the United States, like the Israeli model, where we get weapons, technology, training, finance, etc. Something like Israel has, but we have a different enemy,” Zelensky said in a statement. the interview.

The US and Israel have signed various security agreements since the founding of the Jewish state. In the agreement, Washington guarantees what it calls a Qualitative Military Advantage for Israel, compared to other powers in the region.

Israel, as reported by Russian media RT, became the largest recipient of foreign military aid since World War II. Although it is also known that the annual allocation to Ukraine has exceeded the aid provided to Israel since the conflict between Moscow and Kyiv broke out last year.

Israel is not a member of NATO, meaning members of the security bloc are not legally obligated to defend the Jewish state in the event of an attack. However, Washington stressed its commitment to Israel’s security is a very strong commitment.

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